OJSC “Slutsk Lifting-and-Conveying Machines Plant”

History of the Enterprise started from 1930. At Slutsk Machine and Tractor Station was founded a repair shop. This repair shop performed overhauls of tractor and vehicle engines.
Right after the War in 1945 a typical workshop for repair and preventive maintenance of agricultural equipment was transformed into major plant on repairing of vehicles and tractors.
Since 1961, “Slutsk Auto-repair Plant along with the repair, started to specialize on manufacturing of lifting equipment.
Starting January 2003, the plant was renamed into «Slutsk Lifting-and Conveying Machines Plant». In 2005, the plant was transformed into Open Joint Stock Company. Since 2012, OJSC "SLUTSK LIFTING-AND-CONVEYING MACHINES PLANT" enters into Holding "BELAZ-HOLDING".

Main activity directions
OJSC "SLUTSK LIFTING-AND-CONVEYING MACHINES PLANT" has well-developed production structure, fully comparable to world analogues. The core of production is a workshop on manufacturing and repair of cranes and pulley block. Auto-repair workshop constantly developed is the second strategic direction of production activity. A new technologies of metal-working enforces our tool-maintenance department constantly move with technical progress. One of the most perspective directions in production became a workshop on non-standard equipment manufacturing.

Main types of the output Goods.
The plant manufactures most requested Goods on orders of industrial and construction enterprises of our country and Russian Federation – bridge, underslung, supported, electric pulley blocks and wire rope hoists.
Specialists of the plant also do erection of lift cranes on construction or industrial sites of the Customer. The enterprise provides full preventive maintenance and repair of lifting-and-conveying equipment to the customer with mark “Slutsk Lifting-and-Conveying Machines Plant.
The plant makes repair and produces units and car bodies, welding and painting operations for cars both home and western production.
The enterprise also has all opportunities to manufacture non-standard equipment. It is various types of containers, gateways, ladders, scaffold bridges.
The plant takes active part in the government program «Import substitution». Replacement of Russian electric motors to motors of Belarusian manufacturers the Mogilevsky Zavod «Electrodvigatel» was made.

OJSC "SLUTSK LIFTING-AND-CONVEYING MACHINES PLANT" has large engineering capabilities that allow manufacturing lift cranes and erecting them, taking the highest technological level. At present time the plant has high technical capabilities, high-quality technological equipment and highly qualified personnel. The production is fully equipped with forging equipment, special beds and assembly jigs, cutting and welding of metal frameworks.


For more detailed information about the plant products please visit website of OJSC "SLUTSK LIFTING-AND-CONVEYING MACHINES PLANT".