CJSC "Mogilev Railway Car Building Plant" (MVZ)

     Closed Joint Stock Company "Mogilev Railway Car Building Plant" was founded by decision of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee on April 14, 2005 and registered in Uniform State Register of legal entities and is the only one manufacturer of   freight railway rolling stock in the Republic of Belarus.

     Our plant is specialized on production of the following freight railway rolling stock: 
     - open-top wagon, model 12-783 (12-9763), all metal, for transportation of mass, unaggressive, loose, non-dusty, bulk cargoes; 
     - hopper-car, model 19-9774, for non-packaged transportation of cargoes (bulk granulated cargoes, coarse-grained, crystalline potash mineral fertilizers and powder-like raw materials for their production, which require protection from atmospheric  precipitations);
     - flatcar, model 13-9832, designed for transportation of timber and high-capacity containers; flatcar, model 13-983-01 is purposed for transportation of timber with zonal dimensions of loading;
     - hopper-car for transportation of cement, model 19-9862;
     - hopper-car for transportation of grain crops, model 19-9863;
     - railway bogy, model 18-100, purposed for installation under freight main-line cars, purposed for railway gauges of 1520 mm, as well as under the cars of industrial transport means.
   Quality Management System of production and servicing of freight railway rolling stock meets the requirements of STB 
   ISO 9001-2001.