CJSC Mogilev Autoworks named after S. M. Kirov (MoAZ)

Mogilev Autoworks named after S.M. Kirov (MoAZ) was founded in 1935. Since 2006 the plant is a subsidiary of OJSC BELAZ.

It is one of the eldest machine-building enterprises in the Republic of Belarus and the largest producer of construction and road-building, underground and specialized equipment on the territory of CIS countries.;
Equipment of trademark MOAZ is widely used in construction of roads, especially in the environmental conditions of Siberia and Far East in Russia, landfill operations for multiple well platforms at oil-gas fields, in mineral resource industry, uppermost at field development of underground deposits, for construction of hydraulic engineering structures.
More than 85% of all the enterprise products are delivered to Russia and CIS countries. The following products enjoy the most popular demand:
Dump trucks with enhanced cross-country capacity;
Construction and road-building vehicles and vehicles for maintaining mining and haulage works: loaders, dozers, concrete-mixing trucks, scrapers, towing trucks;
Vehicles for underground works: underground dump trucks, loading-and-hauling vehicles, multipurpose chassis, means of transportation for passengers conveyance, underground concrete-mixing trucks;
Special-purpose vehicles: self-propelled rollers, chassis for vibration installation, garbage trucks, accumulator cars.