ОJSC "Starodorozhski Mechanical Works" (SMZ)

     The plant was founded in November 1972 as a subsidiary of Minsk "Kalibr" plant at the area, fitted for production of parts for "Kalibr" plant.

     In 1978 by decision of Ministry of Industry for Communication Means of the USSR the construction of the plant started, and it was finished in 1980 on a separated area in the Western part of the town.
     The Republican Unitary Enterprise "Starodorozhski Mechanical Works" (hereinafter “Unitary Enterprise") was founded on the basis of Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus № 1414 dated 29.10.2007 "On acceptance into the Republican property of production complexes" in conformity with the Order of Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus № 801 dated 19.11.2007 "On foundation of a Republican Unitary Enterprise" was incorporated into Production Association "Belarusian Autoworks", Zhodino. 
     The total territory of the enterprise makes up 3,62 hectares, production space — 4000 m2. 
     Оpen Joint Stock Company "Starodorozhski Mechanical Works" (hereinafter the “Company") was founded on basis of the Order of Minsk Regional Territory Fond of the State Property № 14 dated November 20, 2009 by way of  reorganization of the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Starodorozhski Mechanical Works" in conformity with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on privatization of state property, and is a successor of rights and obligations of the named enterprise in conformity with the deed of assignment, excluding rights and obligations, which cannot be possessed by the Company.
     The Company is a commercial organization, possesses separate estates, independent balance sheets and its stamp.
The Company is carrying out a program on production of spare parts for OJSC "BELAZ". In support of this program production shops of the Company are being fitted up with additional equipment.
     The enterprise carries out metalworking (blank preparation, turning, milling, grinding, cold-forming, die-stamping, locksmith works); part molding from polymers, parts pressing from thermosetting plastics and compounded rubber, which weight ranges from 1 g to 1300 g. It manufactures products purposed for industrial engineering, as well as 29 items as consumer goods. 
     The products are sold independently to commercial organizations of the Republic of Belarus, as well as to the customers, who order the products for production and technical purposes.