Characteristics for 7504
7504   27 mt

Dump trucks are designed for transportation of bulk loads and intended for operation under various climatic conditions both on special technological roads and off-road on soils with low bearing resistance.

Main Characteristics
Payload capacity 27 mt
Engine QSM-11-C350
Engine power 261 (350) kW
Transmission hydromechanical
Transmission layout 6+3

Additional Characteristics

Wheel arrangement 6 х 6
Max speed, km/h 50
Tires 23,5-25; 29,5-25/2,5
Climable slopes, degree 18
Depth of surmountable fords, m 0,8

Payload capacity, mt 27
Suspension pneumohydraulic

Body volume, m³:

struck 13
heaped 2:1 16,5
turning radius, m 9

Weight of dump truck, kg

unladen 23500
gross weight 50500
Frame articulated